Replace the stainless steel bed cost

If one of your wheels be damaged by falling rocks or a curb, etc., you have the option to let us replace the stainless steel bed cost.

Please note that not all of our wheels are equipped with a stainless steel rim. Send us the damaged wheel, without tires to the address below and we will change the stainless steel bed. During the exchange, the rim is fully investigated and measured deformations. Only flawless parts of the exchange is made. The replacement of the steel bed usually takes only 3-5 days, after the arrival of the wheels in our company.



Attention! To avoid unnecessary costs, we ask you, the wheels prior to its delivery round and run as be measured on a balancing machine. There are sometimes wheels sent to us, with have significant deformation and we therefore these rims, the stainless steel ring, thus cannot changed.



The wheels without tires please, to the following address:

AVO Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Gottlieb-Duttenhöfer-Str. 83a
67454 Haßloch

Here you can download the current price list.




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